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Post by jerix on Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:35 pm

1. Line-up
A line-up containing of at least 5 players must be maintained throughout the season, with a maximum of 12 players.

All cuts and signs of players must be reported in the relevant forum thread. The listed name in this official line-up thread is the obligatory name the player has to use in-game. Only the captain or co-captain is allowed to manage the line-up. If a player wants to leave his/her team, he is allowed to cut himself in the line-up thread.

2. League Proceedings

Matchdays/times - TBD

Game Settings - Big 4on4 Modus
2x7 halves

3. Wildcards

In order to postpone a match (change the default match date or/and time), a so called wildcard has to be used. Wildcarding a match practically means that a listed player of a team creates a thread in the relevant forum section, where the opposing team is informed about the postponement.

Amount of wildcards per season: 4

4. Transfers
Player transfers have to be announced in the relevant line-up-thread by creating a new post.

Please make use of the following pattern:

Addition: + player name (nationality)
Removal: - player name

A player has to confirm his arrival to the team within 1 hour of the next match.


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